Welcome to Lake Tahoe

Over the past 16 years, we've photographed weddings at every venue, in every season, and in every kind of weather imaginable in Tahoe. We've photographed weddings in 60mph wind, 9 degree temps, warm thunderstorm rain, freezing sideways sleety rain, blizzards, nuclear sunny blue bird days, wildfire smoke thicker than whipped cream, soft overcast days that makes everyone look beautiful, sunsets that would make a mountain lion purr, big fat puffy winter wonderland snowflakes, and everything in between. You'd think after over 900 Lake Tahoe weddings we'd be tired of documenting wedding days in this area, but that big blue lake just keeps us hanging around.

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saint francis zephyr lodge lake tahoe wedding
Wedding couple in squaw valley meadows at sunset
Wedding couple silhouetted at sunset over lake tahoe
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