A core memory for so many of us is the moment we were popped the question, “Will you marry me?”. For most of us, this moment is a blur of tears, joy, emotion, surprise. We can’t remember much detail about that moment, just how we felt and maybe a scrambled question with the words “marry me” or “spend the rest of my life” in it. Having photographs that document your engagement will keep these feelings alive and be a source of remembrance as you journey through your relationship, especially when you have a collage of images from this significant time hanging in your bedroom that you can glance at from time to time. There is nothing more powerful than having printed photographs in your home as tokens of your life’s story. Emotional portals that can transport you back in time to relive moments that made the two of you into WE.

The beauty of an engagement session is how much fun it can be to pick a significant or majestic location to just play in your new sense of we in front of the camera. It helps you get comfortable with the camera so on your wedding day, the camera is more than just another part of the day. It has value. It is there to document another core memory for your life’s story.

Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe Engagement Photos
engagement photos with dog on oahu