Colony Palms Resort, Palm Springs Wedding

Ariana + Matt — Colony Palms Hotel, Palm Springs Wedding

When we headed to the Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs to photograph Ariana & Matt’s marriage-we knew that they had been a couple for over 12 years. What we didn’t know and were soon privileged to witness was 12+ years of magic. Truly soul-wrenching love- they met in college, fell madly in love, and have been best friends and life adventurers together ever since. They were more in love on their wedding day than the day they met. Their unity was inspiring- wedding bands forged from the same strip of gold and cut to make each ring. Heart wrenching tears, hard belly laughs, undeniable romantic sparks- an UNREAL experience of love. Thank you Ariana & Matt for solidifying our belief in deep love as well as our passion for why we do what we do–photographing couples in love.