Heavenly Tahoe Wedding Brides Embracing
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Heavenly Tahoe Wedding Brides Embracing

"The First Look"

We've photographed hundreds of weddings where the couple decided to do a first look and hundreds of weddings where they didn't. We can honestly say that it doesn't really matter to us whether you want to do one or don't, it's up to you. We can say that with very few exceptions, it doesn't really "save time" as it requires everyone to be ready earlier. This can be its own issue especially if things run behind...ahem...which never happens right?

Many people who opt for the first look are thinking they'd like to get all their portraits done before the ceremony. This can definitely work for a winter wedding, however, the light in Lake Tahoe is pretty nuclear in the middle of the day during the summer. This can make for a not-so-flattering look to the couple portraits.

Kristen and Amber were married at the Lakeview Lodge at Heavenly Resort in Tahoe. From the very beginning of the day, we could tell that they just wanted to be with each other. They asked if we could orchestrate a private moment for them before the ceremony. We chose a red wall where we could find a little shade and be hidden from the guests arriving. As soon as Amber walked around the corner, we watched one of the most emotional and romantic first looks we've ever seen. They just grabbed each other and melted into one another's arms and just stayed like that for literally several minutes. No words just feeling each other. Matt made this photograph because it feels like that moment, two people deeply intertwined so that you don't know where one ends and the other begins.