A Grandmother's Embrace
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A Grandmother's Embrace

The artistic masterpiece that is Plumpjack in Squaw Valley was the location for this tear-jerking embrace between the Katie and her grandmother.

Plumpjack lies nestled among aspens and a creek while the majestic Squaw Valley peaks tower above. It is the perfect mountain retreat for any adventurous couple who want to host an intimate weekend celebration. Modern yet cozy lodging, delicious food and a real alpine feeling in the fireplace lit lounge invite you to extend your stay.

We will never forget Katie's grandmother. She was a part of the day from start to finish: from the first celebratory toast of Katie with the bridal party to the floor shaking dance party that went late into the night. As photographers, our job is to look, listen, and feel for the people and moments that are unique to each wedding day. It was clear early on in the day that Katie & her grandmother had a close bond so when Tara observed the beginnings of this beautiful embrace, she honed her focus on the feeling of it all. The texture of those hands, that tell a story all on their own, wearing precious family pearls in a love grip on the delicate lace of Katie's wedding gown. You can just feel their connection, their history. It stays with you... as it should.

This photograph won Tara a Fearless Photographers Award as well being awarded a Masterpiece by the Wedding Photojournalist Association.