Hey there,

Thanks for checking out our work.  We are Matt and Tara Theilen–just two people in love with life and passionate about what we do. We met in 1998 when Matt was living in his VW van, spending winters rock climbing in Joshua Tree while Tara was finishing up graduate school in Tucson. Over the next 9 years we were friends living our lives in different places. We would see each other and hang out from time to time, mostly high up on a rock face or on some long, mosquito-ridden approach in the Sierras. We were both rock climbers and sought out the solitude and adventure of the mountains. We eventually fell in love and naturally, we united forces photographing weddings. 

Over the past 12 years we have been honored to be consistently recognized by our peers in the industry as two of the top wedding photographers in the United States.  Check out the "Awards" page above to see a bit of what we've accomplished for our clients.